This picture started everything…

I grew up with different hunting dog breeds – Drever, Finnish Spitz, Hamilton, and Finnish Stövare. Our neighbors owned Afghan Hounds and I spent quite some time with them (Gold’N Copper Afghans), then the Salukis – Mirah and later Khandibah Mahfouza – came into my life.

I found the picture above when working on a school project and I instantly fell in love, but due to the import regulations, I decided to wait for my first Azawakh, until the Swedish import rules changed. Lisen – CH Mouli de Garde-Epée finally arrived in 1997.

In 2002 I moved to Castle Gresley, UK, and the following year my A litter was born. I have since returned to Sweden and live in Töre, a village in the North of Sweden, where I share my home & life with Tintin, Zach, Brighton & Minoo.